J.m. Weston

J.m. Weston Luxury Footwear

French master shoemaker since 1891, J.M. Weston has become the benchmark in luxury footwear for men.
J.M. Weston shoes are all handmade within its manufacture in Limoges, France, and its specific know-how offers a unique choice of several widths per half size. J.M. Weston is precise, lively, and skillful. The craftsmen’s gestures reproduce identically the techniques initiated by the founder, Eugene Blanchard more than 100 years ago

The Time Heritage

1891:Edouard Blanchard founded a shoe manufacturing company in Limoges, France
1927:Opening of the first J.M. Weston shop in Paris
1974:Acquisition of J.M. Weston by Jean-Louis Descours
2001:Regular presentation of new models and inauguration of a new architectural universe

Special Orders

Become a designer of your own shoes thanks to a department dedicated to special orders.
Find an abundance of materials, soles and colors ranging from Lizard,Ostrich, Crocodile and Shark skins.


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