Vertu Luxury Mobile Phones

Vertu is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of luxury mobile phones. Created to complement the discerning customer’s lifestyle, Vertu offers tailored, luxury services in combination with the finest in design, engineering and manufacture. With three distinct collections – Signature, Signature Touch and Aster – Vertu uses innovations in manufacturing technology with traditional craftsmanship, assembling each phone at the company’s headquarters in England.


Created for discerning individuals who always demand the best, the Vertu Signature is the most highly crafted phone ever made. It is a culmination of a decade of Vertu knowledge, passion and experience. Made from the finest materials, it is hand-built in England by a single craftsman. Quite simply, it is a phone without equal.

New Signature Touch

The New Signature Touch is our latest high performance smartphone, with unprecedented photo and video quality. Experience the flawless display on our largest ever 5.2" sapphire crystal screen, and sound quality perfectly tuned for both voice and music. The streamlined design with our unique gull-wing doors to access the nanoSim card and microSD card is a masterpiece of engineering.


Combining stunning aesthetics with uncompromising performance, the Vertu Aster is an exceptional object of desire that is the passport to a world of exclusive lifestyle experiences.  Every edition within this collection has been designed to be at once visually arresting and truly individual, with a thoughtful selection of sophisticated colours, beautiful leathers and exotic skins experiences.  For those desirous of luxury and understated elegance, but unwilling to compromise on performance, Aster is the ultimate lifestyle handset.


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