Manager – IT (Database and Business Intelligence)

Date: January 23, 2018

Job Title:  Manager – IT (Database and BI)

Work Location:  Dubai, UAE

Reports to:  Associate Director – IT

The Job

Provide a seamless flow of information throughout the organization, considering both backend data structure and frontend accessibility for end-users by implementing & maintaining best in class Database and BI Technologies.

Job Description

  • Overseeing the design, maintenance and implementation of systems that manage an internal database
  • Analyzing the organization’s database needs and developing a long-term strategy for data storage.
  • Planning, designing, implementing, maintaining, and performing periodic re-evaluation of data integrity and data security measures
  • Maintaining database disaster recovery procedures to ensure continuous availability and speedy recovery
  • Creating complex query definitions that allow data to be extracted
  • Troubleshooting complex database issues in accurate and timely manner
  • Developing best practices for performance and operational efficiency
  • Staying updated on new database technologies and analyze such technologies to bring into scope of existing infrastructure
  • Leading the strategic design and maintenance of Business Intelligence applications.
  • Taking a holistic view of the reporting requirements of the business, the interpreted systems, processes and data to design a solution


  • Post Graduate or Graduate in Technology/Computer Application with at least 7-8 years of experience in Database Management including 3-4 years of experience in Business intelligence, preferably in retail domain
  • Thorough knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Proficient knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), Object Oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMS) and XML database management systems
  • Experience in managing the full life cycle of a BI solution, including creating the requirements analysis, design of the technical architecture and application design; development, testing, and deployment of an actual solution.
  • Strong analytical and organizational skills
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