New Brands At Rivoli Arcade

Discover fascinating treasures at Rivoli Arcade stores.

Franz Porcelain Collection
Handmade China

The beautiful colors of the Franz Collection Porcelain are created by its underglaze decorating techniques; the quality of which is measurable by the fluid shading and reflective depth of color on each item. The sculptured accents of delicate butterflies, fragile flowers, and other motifs illustrate the Franz Porcelain Collection creator’s intricate skills. Every piece of Franz Porcelain blends the essence of Oriental culture with the styling inspired by Western artistry.

Klaus Dupont
Handmade in Germany

German artist, Klaus Dupont, has a passion for creating the most fascinating sculptures from exotic natural materials. Working with antique metal, marble and wood, Dupont constructs intricate pedestals to display his found treasures. Antelope horns, rock crystals, coral from China and African glass beads are some of the decorative elements that are transformed into original and timeless sculptures.

Jean Boggio
Designed in France

The Franz Porcelain by Jean Boggio is the outcome of a two men’s encounter: Jean Boggio, a multi-talented creator, and Francis Chen, a Taiwanese entrepreneur trained in German literature who aspires to give a new life to the traditional oriental art de vivre’s spirit on a global scale through, among others, his porcelain brand Franz Collection.

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