Discover The Le Moc At J.m. Weston

J.M. Weston has been fitting shoes for generations of fathers, sons and grandsons wishing to wear finely crafted shoes made with traditional expertise.

The brand stands for more than just a pair of shoes offering elegance and spirit. This chain is unbroken because Weston shoes offer timeless style, freely adopted and freely adapted, expressing your own personality and perspective.

The iconic 180 Moccasin is a perfect example. Worn by Presidents, businessmen and artists this model is brilliantly timeless. Michel Perry, free thinker and Artistic Director at J.M. Weston, wanted to pay tribute to this epitome of French elegance by creating a fellow traveler: Le Moc Weston

Le Moc

Le Moc spreads its wings to give complete power to summer style and elegance. The inner stiffeners have disappeared, the leather skins have been chosen for their suppleness and support, the structure has been carefully crafted thanks to the ever-perfected expertise.

This collection breaks the rules to move away from urban and formal environments and escape towards summer temptations.

Please visit one of the J.M. Weston boutique for more information.