Favre-leuba- A Legend Returns!

Favre-Leuba launches its ultimate diving watch

280 years. Characterized by a constant pioneering spirit and a willingness to break new ground. By the unswerving pursuit of the exceptional. By brilliant creativity and technical excellence. Highly functional and highly reliable timepieces for those who conquer frontiers, whether in altitude or depth, in heat or freezing cold, north or south of the equator.

What began in 1737 with a small watchmaker’s workshop in Le Locle is now an icon in the world of time measurement. Courage, authenticity and ingenuity – these values have always been and remain, at the heart of the Favre-Leuba brand. The new watches will be technically and aesthetically reminiscent of their legendary predecessors and likewise highly innovative as well as of great practical use. They are intended for those who are not held back by seemingly insurmountable tasks and won’t be deterred from achieving their goals.

Favre-Leuba launches its ultimate diving watch, Raider Harpoon, which features a unique way of time reading. With its innovative functionality and by simplifying the complexity, it fits perfectly into a long line of legendary timepieces this watch brand has always been designing.

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