J.m. Weston Unveils Its Latest ‘black Tie’ Collection

A collection dedicated to elegance and irreverence.

J.M. Weston, the French master shoemaker has introduced its latest collection in Dubai that is dedicated to the elegance and irreverence of the gentleman’s black tie dress code.

In paying homage to the brand’s iconic dapper style, Michel Perry, the artistic director at J.M. Weston has reinvented the codes of elegance and created five new designs that can suit any gentleman from the stage to the red carpet: two Derby shoes, two brogues and a pair of beaded loafers. With its brilliant detail, flawless quality and painstaking stitch work, the “Black tie” collection has been tailored to offer aesthetic, flexibility and instant comfort thanks to its Blake stitch, a unique type of assembly sewn on leather soles.

The shoe design is classy with a hollowed-out front and extended toe, ending in a soft square shape. The markings on the sides and cushioned insole create a leather receptacle into which the foot fits like a glove. The Seven-eyelet brogue features, elegant curves and a rounded shape interlace with straight lines. The ‘Cycling’ brogue – famously made from a single piece of leather – features cotton grosgrain beading. The same details can be found on the Beaded loafers, with the “Black tie” version adorned with leather pompoms. The Derby shoe, meanwhile, features delicate stitching work and is available in lace-up and buckle version.

With their range of leather and expertise, J.M. Weston’s workshops are capable of creating an infinite number of leathers, traditional and exotic, as well as dark and light suedes, which come in understated and vibrant shades. The “Black tie” collection is testament to this sheer variety, with bespoke versions available via special order at Dubai Mall (04-3398701) or Etihad Towers (02-6812507). J. M. Weston has a long heritage in mastering the art of merging classic elegance with contemporary influences along with a meticulous craftsmanship for an iconic and timeless quintessential gentleman’s style.