The R Lounge Showcases Jordi's “icons Of The World” Collection Of Unique Timepieces

Dubai becomes the latest international city to join Michel Jordi’s revolutionary Icons of the World chronograph collection.

Jordi’s exquisite representation of the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab landmarks, presided over by a gently smiling sun and the evening star in a deep blue Middle Eastern sky, is part of the Jordi Swiss Icon’s annual parade of authentic icons. The latest Masterpiece in the Jordi Icons of the World series is the first of a series, which is foreseen to pay tribute to the Emirates and its unparalleled originality, luxury and contribution to the history of construction, all of which have secured its place in the sun of iconic world landmarks.

The Dubai masterpiece reflects the key identity codes of the JORDI Swiss Icon collection, with its ergonomic design which evokes the shape of a Rhone River pebble, the source of inspiration for the collection. The traditional Swiss art of paper-cut design – subtly revived and updated – lends a subtle touch to the dial while making a powerful match for the resolutely contemporary design. The combination of titanium and red gold for the case accentuates the unmistakable strength of character of this masterpiece, which is fitted with a dedicated “Icons of the World” genuine leather strap. It is however the day/night indicator that springs the biggest surprise by revealing at 10 o’clock the place or monument that gives the model its iconic nature and appreciation of unique dial work.

JORDI Swiss Icon is an independent watch brand still headed by its founder, Michel Jordi, for more than 25 years. A quarter of a century dedicated to watchmaking, innovation and launching new concepts.

The Jordi exhibition is on display at The R Lounge until Saturday 8th February and can be accessed by booking an appointment at the lounge directly.