A Special Flower For A Special Lady

Swatch Mother’s Day Special ONLY FOR YOU (GZ299)

You know her so well, it’s easy for you to picture her face as she unwraps your gift – a special package with a silver lid and a flower on top, a fabulous rose in all kinds of colors. And you can’t help but smile as you watch her discover the light-hearted, flowery Swatch inside.

“You shouldn’t have,” your mother says, but as she wraps her new watch around her wrist and finds the rose on the silver dial, the smile on your face blossoms in hers.

“There’s more! Let me show you.” You reach for the box, pop the colorful silicone flower from the lid – and pin the brooch on her lapel!

“What a lovely surprise!”, your mother says. “You can never have too many flowers.”

“And I always want more smiles,” you say.