Spring Love Blossoms For Mother's Day

Discover the new Swatch Mother’s Day Special.

Spring is the season of change. Seeds grow and push up into the light, unfurl their petals and suddenly become flowers … Mother Nature is alive with color and the world is filled with light.

Inspired by spring and all change it brings, Swatch has created BLOSSOMING LOVE—just in time for Mother’s Day! Mothers know all about nature and change, because they see their children grow every day.

BLOSSOMING LOVE comes hidden like a seed in the earth—it hides inside a flower pot, waiting to be discovered. The new Swatch Mother’s Day Special is a lovely Gent decorated with flowers, a colorful symbol of springtime and love. The strap is a light-hearted floral delight, and the dial a window open onto the beating heart of a Swiss Made wonder. The flower pot is an invitation to plant your own seeds, watch them grow and burst into colorful blossoms in Spring.

BLOSSOMING LOVE—the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

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