Swatch Joins Chinese New Year Celebrations

Discover the "YEAR OF THE GOAT" Swatch Special.

Swatch is always up for a party – especially one that goes on for weeks! With Chinese New Year just around the corner, Swatch joins Chinese communities in welcoming the Year of the Goat. Celebrations begin Thursday, February 19, 2015 with parades and family get-togethers, and wind up in early March with the famous Lantern Festival. We can’t wait!

Goat Stories
All through Chinese history, from the ancestral times of hunting to nomadism and farming, goats have been close companions to people in their daily lives. Even today, people look on the tame, white-haired goat with favor as a symbol of a peaceful and harmonious life. Goats also mean wealth and prosperity, as they lived in ancient times in the households of rich people, where they were known as “Ji Yang”, which means “goats with luck”. Over time the character “Yang” (goat) was transformed into “Xiang”, which stands for safety and good fortune. Baby goats show their appreciation for their mother’s love and care by kneeling at her feet, so the goat is also seen to be a polite, humble and thankful animal, and has come to be a symbol of respect for one’s elders.

The Goat’s Keeper
Inspired by these stories, Swatch has created a Chinese New Year Special, “The Goat’s Keeper”. The colorful New Gent sports a goat, of course, on the dial and on the strap. This New Year’s Special is presented in Special Packaging as well – with the goat from the watch featured on the top of an oval cardboard box with a zigzag pink and green triangle pattern on the sides. Shiny gold dots swirl about the goat’s head, surely a sign of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune in the year ahead!

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