Swatch Launches Fall Collection 2015

Swatch takes inspiration from international hotspots for out-of-this-world collection.

This year, Swatch took some time to study abroad, but this too-cool-for-school brand majored in culture, art, fashion and fun and skipped the lecture halls. The street-beat styles of the Fall-Winter Collection 2015 are loud and exotic, each moving to the tick of its own movement; these bright and bouncy timekeepers make a statement about the beautiful things that can be created when the cultures of the world are combined!

Modern with a clean-cut fashion sense, sleek Tech-Mode is creatively machined and is a tad more serious with stealth style and contemporary panache. If Tech-Mode is understated then Sport Mixer is quite the opposite, grabbing attention left and right with go-getter color blocks that steal the limelight.

Giving a whole new meaning to “factory setting”, Tech-Mode is clean and classy with textured looks that play with light and produce smiles.

Masculine TEXT-URE (SUOM102) and BUCHETTI (SUON113) stray from the norm with looks that demand a double take. Dizzying in dramatic orange, MULTI BROSS (SUOO702) has a sleek and shiny dial with a polished person-ality.

Statement-making Sport Mixer wants to be seen and its abstract and eccen-tric pairings place it smack dab in the centre of attention and on the top of the podium.

A COTÉ (GB286) and DE TRAVERS (LW146), slightly twisted and a little off-kilter, are so obviously Swatch with their perfect misprint. CAMORANGE (LO108), CAMOVERT (LG128) and CAMOJAUNE (LJ110) put the pop in pop culture with neon-camo combos that are the life of the party. Pretty in pink, blue and yellow, HAPPY DOTS (SUUK108) is a new take on the Scuba with a playful polka-dot pattern that packs a punch.

BEE-DROID (YYS4008) and DARKONY (YYS4006AG) take the game seriously. Their unexpected highlights and handy stopwatch functions have earned these watches a perfect score. Clad in color with a zesty energy, STRETCH (YES4009) is good to go and has no desire for a single time-out.

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