Swatch Prepares To Wear The Summer With Hot Styles Inspired By Beachside Lifestyles

Discover the Swatch Spring-Summer Collection 2015

Longer days mean it’s time to take off and play, and Swatch knows just the trick with a brand new Spring-Summer Collection 2015 – a bevy of eye-catching watches that scream for ice cream, sailboats and sun-soaked days at the beach.

The season starts off with a delicate and feminine Spring Breeze that brushes against the skin with a pastel touch. Gran Turismo revs its engine and shows off the bolder side of the season with dark and daring looks. My Pet & Me captures the sweetness of our animals in a stylish way while Red White & Blue salutes our seas and the sporty sailors who conquer them. Rainy days can come and go but there’s no stopping fun In The Playroom where memories are made and nostalgia is the real name of the game. Surfing The Wave is all about the California lifestyle and long days spent in saltwater, and Mediterranean Dolce Vita celebrates life, sustenance and fine dining in another salty section of our Earth.

The Spring-Summer Collection 2015 is on deck.


A little luxury and a dash of dazzle, Spring Breeze is as lavish as it is delicate and it’s simply oh-so-classy.


Grab the keys! Come on, let’s ride with Gran Turismo – a lean, mean, stylish suave machine.


Roll over! Sit! Stay! Snuggle! My Pet & Me commands attention with big brown puppy dog eyes and faces that are cute enough to squeeze!

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