Sweet Valentine From Swatch

We love love — Valentine's Day Candy from Swatch

Sweetheart, I’m yours!  Go on, say it … or let SWEET VALENTINE from Swatch say it for you!

SWEET VALENTINE is a heartfelt explosion, a confession, a revelation of how you feel. It’s a message with an invitation—try me, taste me, let your love bubble up to the surface. You’ll be swept away on a merry-go-round, you and your sweetheart—hang on for the ride!

SWEET VALENTINE (SUOZ168) is covered with red and white candy cane stripes. Running straight up and down on the strap and the case, they bend to form a heart at the center of the dial. And to make sure your Sweetheart gets the message, there’s a transparent, wide-open heart engraved on the inside of the glass. From the heart at the center the stripes run over the case to the strap and on under the bright red loop to the buckle.

All sweetness and light, SWEET VALENTINE is a truly special gift, wrapped up and ready for Valentine’s Day! The big round box takes up the merry-go-round theme and wraps your love in a flowery red and white embrace.

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