Say It With Time

Swatch makes the sun shine inside and out this Mother’s Day

She coached you in saying thank you after meals at friends’ places, even when spinach was involved. She taught you to take the smallest piece of cake. She gen-tly reminded you not to talk with your mouth full. Now it’s time for her to reap the rewards of her efforts with an elegant invitation in watch form. On the Swatch Mother’s Day Special 2015, ROSES4U, the picnic rug has been spread out, the flowers arranged and good times are on the menu.

Moms everywhere will love this gift, which is guaranteed to outlive any bouquet and requires neither water nor a vase. A beautiful ring of roses takes the place of numbers, embracing a smaller circle of rosebuds, symbolic of the unique mother and child bond that even adulthood can’t dilute. The flower power theme is burst-ing out all over the textile strap with pretty pink embroidered blooms popping up through the turquoise gingham picnic blanket. Do the words, “I only have two hands” sound familiar as a calming motherly request for patience? Relax, ROS-ES4U has a third hand to ensure that no single second slips by uncherished. This adorably feminine timepiece magically mirrors maternal multitasking. It recalls memories of sunny days spent together, celebrates Mother’s Day 2015 and re-minds the giver to schedule future shared moments with the person that gave them the gift of life.

Special packaging for ROSES4U shows that the grass is actually greenest at home and not on the other side of the fence. The watch stretches out on a lush lawn that has sprouted glossy hearts. It is securely wrapped origami-style in a paper gingham blanket to match the watchstrap and visibly sealed with a loving kiss. This slender parcel is ideal for popping into the picnic hamper to be present-ed with some sweet words (delivered by an empty mouth of course…), or for con-cealing a small, hand-written note to invite Mom on a later date.

Swatch wishes Moms and their loyal fans everywhere a happy Mother’s Day – and kindly reminds them to always clean their teeth after eating cup cakes.

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