The Lock Of Love

Cupid Swatch bridges the gap for valentines all over the world.

He sure worked wonders with a bow and arrow – but one would think padlocks are not Cupid’s strong point. While lovers around the globe have taken to attaching padlocks to bridges and monuments to celebrate their love, and the added weight seems to be producing some nasty cracks, this Valentine’s, Swatch is saving the day. UNLOCK MY HEART (GZ292) is a portable lock of love, presented in a special box to make sure this romance never misses a beat.

A fuchsia pink heart-shaped lock signs, seals and delivers messages of time on the watch’s innocent white dial. Its key is always at hand, counting the passing of the minutes, chased by an impatient fuchsia second hand. The blushing pink case and bracelet background are the signature of femininity. A playful take on the concept of two-timing comes from boldly printed lock-inspired patterns on both the front and back of the attachment, echoed by the design of its three loops. Only on the inside do the padlocks contain secret confessions of love in pink lettering. The true romantic would assume that this watch is sealed with a loving kiss – the more practically minded will be relieved to hear that a dark pink buckle does the job.

The theme of keeping sacred true love under lock and key also finds expression in the special packaging that comes with each UNLOCK MY HEART timepiece. A rounded two-part cube in contrasting shades of pink incorporates a heart-shaped closure system to ensure that the only heart stolen in this story is that of the owner.

Why go to the expense of organizing a trip to Paris to further burden the Pont des Arts, or Rome to add extra weight to the Ponte Milvio, when UNLOCK MY HEART brings this romantic tradition to a wrist near you? On the other hand, in the age of paperless e-ticketing, a combination of the trip and watch could be an appealing upgrade…

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