Vertu Introduces Its New Additions Aster Chevron

Vertu Launches Aster Chevron - the three new additions to our Aster Collection

Canvas has played a significant role in the luxury goods arena for more than 150 years. This is most evident with the classically nostalgic Louis Vuitton travel Luggage introduced since the mid-19th century.

Vertu has always used fine leather because of its strong association with the luxury industry but it may not be to everyone’s taste. We have supplied man-made materials through our bespoke process and have now developed - Aster Chevron.

Vertu is pleased to introduce the three new additions to our Aster collection, featuring a distinctive canvas design available in masculine black, unisex blue and feminine pink. Our latest handsets are crafted from high-quality canvas material, perfect for those seeking an alternative to leather.

The chevron pattern is a contemporary interpretation of the Vertissimo pattern that has been part of the Vertu brand identity. Subtly hidden in the Chevron is the Vertu V logo, complimented with the color shades to provide an aesthetic appeal.

They also include all of the exciting features and services available when purchasing a Vertu Aster handset; including titanium chassis, sapphire crystal screen, leading technology and our portfolio of services. At a more accessible price point, you can now enjoy the Vertu experience sooner than you thought.

Visit your nearest Vertu boutique to view the collection.