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Favre-Leuba traces its roots back to 1737, making it the second-oldest watch brand in Switzerland. It was founded by Abraham Favre in Le Locle, Switzerland. Drawing on its history of innovation, in 1962, Favre-Leuba introduced the Bivouac, the first ever mechanical watch with aneroid barometer to measured altitude without using a liquid, and an air pressure measurement.

Bivouac. Deep Blue. Bathy. Sea Sky. Renowned names. Watches by Favre-Leuba that have made their way into the history of time measurement because their functionality was innovative and ingenious, because they explored technical limits and broke new ground, and because their aesthetic was bold, distinctive and unique.

These legends inspired Favre-Leuba for the design of the new collection. Typical design elements, shapes and colors were taken back up and skillfully translated into today’s tastes. The result: watches with a strong and always unmistakable look. Watches that express their character as highly functional instruments – entirely in the tradition of Favre-Leuba.

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