21 Nov 2016

The Dubai Destination Swatch - DESERT BEAUTY (SUOZ256)


Three, two, one – it's time to go traveling! Jump on a boat, a train, a plane – you're off to see the world! From one great city to the next, you collect unforgettable memories, but how can you share your stories? You could send a classic postcard or a funny selfie, but now there's an even better way: pick up a Swatch destination watch! The perfect gift for lovers, friends and family, you can take one home from every stop along the way. After returning from your trip, DESERT BEAUTY will remind you of the city and your favorite travel stories. It carries a special greeting, too, on two special loops on the strap showing “Greetings from Dubai”. The airmail-look packaging enhances the travel feeling even more by showing off different destination stamps. Start your tour with Swatch in Dubai, but don't miss Paris or Milano – and what about London, New York, or Hong Kong? Start traveling now and discover unexpected faces and places! Make your visit to Dubai a timeless memory…. The Dubai Destination Swatch DESERT BEAUTY (SUOZ256) is now available in all Swatch stores, kiosks and selected Hour Choice / Rivoli stores across Dubai. Buy The Dubai Destination Swatch Desert Beauty Now!

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