Modern femininity finds expression in various forms and colours: loud and quiet, gentle and strong, rebellious and creative... It has countless facets, each of them as unfathomable as it is irresistible. Now Glashütte Original has taken inspiration from feminine diversity to create a new timepiece. The Serenade Luna is a mechanical masterpiece for cosmopolitan, confident women who make their own way in life, redefining the meaning of femininity with every step they take. With the finest materials and an automatic movement designed and built in-house, it is the perfect lifetime companion, whose timeless beauty is forever in fashion.

The inspiration: Feminine facets The Serenade Luna finds inspiration in the women of today and their many different facets. They are women who capture everyone’s attention when they enter the room, and who have mastered the dance between light and shadow. They enjoy the limelight, but can just as easily let others shine. They are driven by their passion. Their intuition leads them on. Yet they always remain a mystery. No one knows what they will do next, or which side of themselves they will reveal. It is this enigmatic aura that makes them so irresistible.

The concept: The contemporary art of watchmaking with a feminine touch With the Serenade Luna the Saxon manufactory also reveals a new facet, demonstrating how delicately and gracefully it is able to master the art of watchmaking. This latest creation is a precious wristwatch with the character of a fine piece of jewellery. Newly conceived from start to finish, its precision, suitability for day-to-day use and reliability are second to none among Glashütte Originals. The manufactory’s watchmakers and designers have created a glamourous yet subtle timepiece with slim dimensions, noble materials, and fascinating details.

The design: Shimmering diversity The Serenade Luna is presented in four versions, each with a completely different personality. All models have in common a diameter of 32.5 mm, sparkling diamond indexes, and a modern take on a moon phase display. Two stainless steel models feature a mother-of-pearl dial: one opts for a pure, clean look, while the other is adorned with the finest of diamonds on the bezel and crown. A third version in stainless steel presents a blue dial with a sunray decoration that lends it a radiant finish. The fourth model is a glamorous eye-catcher: a dreamlike creation in shimmering red gold with a golden green dial. Here too, diamonds on the bezel and crown provide luxurious accents. All models come with a Louisiana alligator leather strap, carefully colour-matched to the dial. A quick-change mechanism allows the straps to be easily swapped. For the stainless steel versions, an elegant metal bracelet is also available.