• WOLF 1834

With each generation, strong traditions and ethics are passed down - instilling a sense of pride at the achievements this family led business has made.  From over 185 years of history to our global brand recognition, WOLF has never waivered from its undying pursuit for perfection, luxury and elegance.


As a five-generation family company, we understand that extraordinary objects are represenations of extraordinary moments in life. Since 1834,the WOLF mark has been a symbol of decades of innovation and the pursuit of the perfect design. We believe for a legacy to endure it  must be nourished and upheld.  Every day in beautiful WOLF cases around the world, centuries-old treasures live side-by-side with exquisite new designs.


We are dedicated to honouring people's stories and the legacies they entrust to us.


Protect your legacy with WOLF.



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