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Glashütte Original is proud to introduce a brand-new multi-channel campaign that demonstrates how they connect with those who wear their timepieces. 'Proud to be the Original' builds on the values that have driven them since 1845, while holding the concept of originality at its centre.

Glashutte Original believes 'Proud to be the Original' will help them get even closer to their customers, bring them into our world and help them connect with one another as a unique community of individuals who are proud to know what Glashütte Original really stands for.

The campaign underlines the fact that a Glashütte Original is made for people by people not machines. Each of the timepieces is carefully regulated and perfected by the hands of our experienced watchmakers. A Glashütte Original is connected to its wearer through values and emotions – an everyday reminder of how precious time is.

Your natural curiosity and openness allow you to see the beauty in the everyday, to notice the tiny things that make the ordinary extraordinary. Always looking forward, always searching for more, always seeking perfection, you’re the key that opens the door for others to discover new things and see the world from a different perspective.

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We understand what it takes to be the Original. Just like you, we're Proud to be the Original. #PTBTO.

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