27 May 2019

Back to the Revolution: Launching Swatch Flymagic with Paramagnetic Nivachron™ Hairspring


Swatch has chosen its new FLYMAGIC line to premiere the innovative paramagnetic Nivachron™ hairspring. In a typical Swatch move, FLYMAGIC turns the watch world upside down (once again!): the new balance spring, finely finished modules and skeletonized gear train all appear on the face of the watch – easily visible through the automatic movement’s transparent rotor. This is high-end watchmaking with a revolutionary twist, and the first time such a reversal has been performed with a Swatch. There’s another Swatch first here, too – the seconds hand runs backwards!

  SWATCH FLYMAGIC is the first to integrate the Nivachron™ balance spring, made from a newly developed titanium-based alloy with exceptional paramagnetic characteristics. Magnetic fields in our everyday environment can have a marked negative impact on mechanical watch movements. The Nivachron™ balance spring reduces the detrimental influence of a magnetic field by a factor over 10, depending on the type of movement. This 100% Swiss-made component also offers effective resistance to changes in temperature and excellent shock resistance, contributing to a significant improvement in chronometric performance. In the future, all Sistem51 models will feature the Nivachron™ hairspring.

  SWATCH FLYMAGIC debuts with three models, each limited to 500 pieces. 45 mm cases in stainless steel or stainless steel PVD showcase the fascinating, topsy-turvy movement through an antireflective sapphire crystal. All models come with one rubber and two high-end calfskin straps.

  United Arab Emirates saw the launch of Swatch FLYMAGIC on the 25th of May, at The R Lounge, The H Hotel, Dubai. A very select number of Swatch Fans and watch collectors got their hands on the watches, after waiting patiently for weeks!

  SWATCH FLYMAGIC: there’s magic in this revolution.

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