28 Jul 2013



Let's face it: we're surrounded, assaulted by sound bites, snatches of music, ads, distractions, attractions, messages, alerts and reminders. From all sides, at all hours, everywhere the ocean of noise rushes in, threatening to drown us.  From the streets of the city, a quiet voice calls out: There’s no escape. We must escape. The message is ancient, essentially spiritual, existential. In the midst of time lies a timeless moment. Stop, listen. Shut out the noise and sink into yourself, into the silence, into the calm. Essential peace. In this moment there is all of life. There is no future. There is no past. All is present in the now. Mindful of the need for silence, Swatch has created a gentle reminder. As the world forever shouts to move on, hurry up, catch up, look to the future, Swatch calls time out for a moment of calm. It's the moment that counts, and the moment is now: THIS MOMENT (SUOW106). White lettering on the minute hand and the dial forms a two-part Zen script twice every hour: BE HAPPY FOR THIS MOMENT—THIS MOMENT IS FOR LIFE. To locate your nearest Swatch store, please visit http://bit.ly/18KoZ1l  

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