• Chloé

Merging 70s bohemian spirit and effortless elegance, the new Chloé eyewear collection of sunglasses and optical frames exudes grace and attitude while elevating the Maison’s vision of modern femininity.

Shapes are fluid and lightweight, luminous and joyful. Seasonal tones embrace a delicate and poetic palette fluctuating between warm nuances and vivid accents combined with the gradient shades of the lenses. Exquisite embellishments define the collection echoing Chloé’s couture aesthetic and intricate craftsmanship.

True to Chloé’s long-time passion for the Alphabet, each style comes with a distinctive name that adds to its character.

The Demi frames reveal a new ‘two-in-one’ concept featuring smart clip-on elements that are juxtaposed with the hexagonal and round bases as a unique game of changing geometries.

Accents of coloured plastic with a stained-glass effect adorn and amplify the chromatic allure of the Gemma styles, delivering polished contrasts suffused with glamour. Designed to be oversized, Hanah, is enhanced with enamel finishes and double-frame structures that offer a captivating twist. The Franky and Irene styles are tailored with retro-inflected volumes brightened with rainbow tints for an extra note of radiance – a full expression of Chloé’s irreverent and light-hearted spirit.

The same feelings of ease and freedom come to life in the junior range, as the brand’s iconic geometric silhouettes take on an especially playful touch. The Billie frames mix vintage flair and contemporary design with intricate braided motifs, which also appear on the metal wire core visible through the transparent texture of the Esther styles, both made of bio-based materials.

All models are detailed with the signature drop-shaped opening on the temple tips, serving both as an aesthetic and functional element for attaching Chloé’s eyewear jewels and chains.


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