30 Dec 2019

Rivoli Group launches Avanti, premium eyewear concept store.


World’s Finest Eyewear

Rivoli group launches Avanti, new luxury eyewear concept. The store is based on an unique design, uses an antique architectural background to create a captivating pallete which contrasts with the beauty of the  contemporary eyewear that it houses, creating a unique inviting ambience. Avanti offers some of the world’s most stylish brands including Cartier, Omega, Longines, Tom Ford, Gucci, Fred to name a few, making this a destination for buyers who know what they want, who are familiar with the latest and the best around the world. A state of the art refraction room provides zero error eye tests with highly skilled staff ready to assist at all times. 

Avanti is located in Mall of the Emirates, level 1.

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