brand highlight
2022, Edition #2
14 May. 2022

Your eyes are precious! When was the last time you gave them a second look?

With #DestinationVisionCare campaign Rivoli Vision aims to highlight how Eye tests are an important part of maintaining healthy vision.

A Comprehensive Eye Test (CET) at Rivoli Vision concepts - Avanti, Rivoli EyeZone and Style88 ensure your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions are updated to meet your current visual needs. It also detects vision impairments like Glaucoma and Cataract and diagnose other health issues like Diabetes and Blood pressure.

It is recommended to get a Comprehensive eye test every year, especially, if you are over the age of 40 or experience poor vision.

Make your vision a priority by booking a CET and don’t forget to follow the essentials for maintaining healthy vision

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