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2022 - edition 1
23 Nov. 2023

Around the World in 80 Days returns as a special edition Meisterstück writing instrument collection and accessories assortment celebrating the wonder of a classic adventure novel that has captured the imagination of many generations. 

The bestselling novel tells the story of British gentleman Phileas Fogg and his loyal valet Passepartout’s extraordinary trip around the world in just 80 days, in their fearless attempt to win a bet. Both adventurers race against time aboard steamers, trains and even elephants to complete this epic challenge. Inspired by the spirit of travel and adventure, the second edition of the Montblanc Meisterstück Around The World in 80 Days collection starts where the last edition left off – the journey from Bombay to Yokohama – and includes a new limited edition of 811 pieces elaborating on the key design elements of the collection with premium materials and fine hand craftsmanship.

Reflecting their passage through India, China and their arrival in Japan, the writing instruments feature designs reminiscent of these cultures, including Indian paisley, Chinese Qing Emperors 5 coins and a Japanese traditional wave pattern. The cartouche that adorns the cap depicts the majestic elephant Kiouni that carries the adventurers through the jungle. Other details include the number ‘80’ on the cap top, which marks the full journey from start to finish, while the number ‘25’ on the back of the cap marks the days it took to travel from Bombay to Yokohama.

A reference to the card game that set the adventure in motion, the clip is embellished with a red lacquered diamond card suit and the cone is engraved with the card suits symbolising Mr. Fogg‘s wager and a pattern inspired by Princess Aouda‘s jewellery, the princess he falls in love with. The burnt wood effect on the Solitaire Edition and Limited Edition represents the princess being saved from a fire ritual by Mr Fogg. The hot air balloon engraving on the nib is an homage to the author Jules Verne and his first ever adventure novel Five Weeks in a Balloon, and ‘20/10’ and ‘14/11’ engraved alongside it marks Mr Fogg’s departure from Bombay on 20th of October and from Yokohama on 14th of November.

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