brand highlight
2022 - edition 1
26 Jan. 2022

Accurate timing, secure fit and authentic style are key components of a great timepiece whether it’s on-screen or on your wrist. Designed for both, the Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Automatic Far Cry® 6 Limited Edition is built for action in game and in real life.

The first branded watch in-game integration in the Far Cry® franchise brings yet another level of reality to the video game’s cinematic quality – and now players can wear the military-inspired wrist gear in real life too. 


Deeply rooted in the history of Yara, the fictional Caribbean Island of Far Cry® 6, Hamilton’s Khaki Field Titanium Automatic keeps on ticking through decades of instability, even during an assassination attempt on its former owner and ruler of the island Santos Espinosa in 1983. In honor of this story of survival, only 1983 pieces of the special edition watch worn in-game were made available for purchase IRL.

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