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Experience better vision anytime, anywhere with Rivoli EyeZone’s inxt Anti I-Stress, inxt Office and inxt Sports lenses.

From iPhone’s screen time setting to Instagram’s latest ‘Take a Break’ feature, we are searching for all kinds of ways to reduce and limit the exorbitant amount of time that we spend each day being exposed to blue light while looking at some kind of screen, whether it’s a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet device. If that’s not enough, when we head outdoors, we are bombarded by the sun’s harmful UV rays. These are exactly the reasons behind the innovation of inxt lenses. Here’s everything you need to know.

Introducing a new generation of vision solutions with inxt indoor and outdoor lenses

inxt Office & Anti I Stress Lenses

Whether you’re working remotely from home or at the office these days, most of us spend more than five hours a day in front of a computer. It’s inevitable, but the new-gen inxt office lenses can help reduce the stress and strain of screen time that is caused by the constant use of smartphones, laptops and other digital devices. For those who prefer to read on a traditional book instead of a Kindle, these lenses also help to limit the stress from prolonged reading. What’s more, the lenses are completely customisable based on individual needs and style.

inxt Sport Lenses

By now, it’s common knowledge that sunscreen is absolutely necessary to safeguard the skin from UV rays before heading outdoors, but our eyes need just as much protection. inxt sport lenses are able to turn any pair of sunglasses into prescription glasses so your sight isn’t compromised while you’re on the move. It also reduces glare, which helps improve visibility and ease any discomfort. Besides everyday use, these lenses are suitable for all kinds of vigorous physical activities: cycling, working out, hiking, dune bashing, adventure sports, and jogging. There’s also absolutely no need to be concerned that these lenses might not fit your favourite pair of shades, since they come with a high base curve that can easily slip into any frame. If those who are interested in an upgrade, these sports lenses can also be tinted, mirrored or polarized.


inxt New Generation Digital Lenses are available exclusively at all Rivoli EyeZone and Style 88 stores across the UAE and other GCC regions including Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

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