brand highlight
2022 - edition 1
25 Sep. 2023

Breguet had unveiled an extraordinary exhibition featuring the iconic Type XX collection at the Mall of the Emirates. Located on the ground floor, Centre Court, opposite the Rivoli Prestige store, this exhibition celebrated the link between aviation history and precision timekeeping.


The pop-up stand offered a glimpse into the evolution of the Type XX watches across four generations, from their inception in the 1950s to the latest models. It spotlighted the enduring legacy of the Type XX collection, which has enjoyed an iconic status for nearly seven decades, aligning itself closely with the history of aviation. More than just a display of watches, the exhibition is a journey through time, illustrating how Breguet’s commitment to innovation and historical reverence has shaped each generation of the Type XX line. The exhibition traces the brand’s integral role in equipping air forces with robust wrist chronographs in the 1950s. From the French Air Force to the Centre d’Essais en Vol (CEV) for elite French test pilots and the French Navy’s Aéronautique Navale, Breguet’s Type XX watches have been a symbol of precision and reliability in airborne navigation.

Visitors could marvel at mint condition museum pieces representing earlier generations, set alongside the latest offerings: the Type 20 Chronographe 2057 military line and the Type 20 Chronographe 2067 civilian line. These latest iterations paid homage to their predecessors while embracing modernity and a contemporary spirit deeply rooted in the brand’s rich heritage.