brand highlight
2023, Edition #2
4 Sep. 2023

OMEGA and Rivoli Group congratulates Emirati astronaut Sultan al-Neyadi of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai on his successful 6-month mission and safe return. His adventure marks the longest manned space mission launched from the Arab states and the UAE National Space Program is only getting started. We’re proud to say he measured every moment with OMEGA’s Speedmaster Moonwatch. A chronograph with its own distinguished history of space travel.


Another successful Moonwatch mission


The space travel pioneer returned from a successful 6-month mission on the International Space Station. An adventure which marked the longest Arab space mission in history.

Sultan Al Neyadi Mohammad is the first UAE astronaut to join the ISS crew and returns to Earth after 200 experiments and 1,000 hours of space operations.

Naturally, OMEGA’s famous chronograph played a role. During his time in space Sultan Al Neyadi Mohammad measured every moment with his OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch: a timepiece with its own distinguished history of space travel. NASA-qualified in 1965, it remains essential space kit for astronauts around the world and has been the official timepiece of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre since March 2023.

OMEGA congratulates the Dubai-based space agency on its achievement and is thrilled to begin an exciting new chapter in the extraordinary story of the Moonwatch, which includes multiple lunar landings and a vital role in the safe return of Apollo 13’s crew.

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