Source: ZEISS

ZEISS Medical Technology and Boehringer Ingelheim announce today a long-term strategic collaboration to develop predictive analytics to enable early detection of eye diseases and more personalized treatments to prevent vision loss for people with serious eye diseases. The partnership brings together their leading expertise in ophthalmological technology, data analytics, algorithms and the development of first-in-class treatments to detect early and treat retinal diseases before irreversible vision loss occurs.

More than 300 million people worldwide are at risk today of losing their eyesight due to diseases leading to functional loss of the retina.1 The number of people suffering from vision loss is rising due to aging populations and widening health inequity gaps. Undiagnosed and untreated retinal diseases have a profound impact on people’s lives, potentially leading to isolation, loss of independence, depression and reduced quality of life. Unfortunately, diagnosis often occurs too late to prevent vision loss, and for many conditions, no treatment is available at all.

The new partnership will focus on identifying markers of early stages of retinal diseases by leveraging ZEISS Medical Technology’s cloud-connected devices and AI-assisted analysis of massive image data sets. This will provide a basis for clinical studies for development of more personalized and precise treatments of early stages of chronic retinal disease as well as earlier detection and prediction capabilities to preserve vision through new treatment pathways.

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