brand highlight
2022 - edition 1
3 Nov. 2023

Legendary hero archaeologist Indiana Jones returned to the big screen with the fifth and final film; Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. For his return, Indy wore the Boulton, Hamilton’s prominent timepiece from the 1940s. 

Hamilton watches and Hollywood movies have been inseparable for over 90 years. Bringing a new facet to cinematic storytelling, Hamilton timepieces have been featured on the wrists of the greatest characters, adding authenticity to the mechanics of the plot and the protagonists. First introduced in the 1940s, the Hamilton Boulton is one of the most quintessential watches within the American Classic collection. 

Featuring a white dial with a small second subdial and iconic serif style numerals, this classic timepiece merges long-standing Hamilton heritage and cutting-edge Swiss watchmaking precision.

Hamilton worked closely with the film's prop team to ensure the watch seamlessly met the time period. Along with his whip and fedora, the Hamilton Boulton perfectly captures the essence of Indiana Jones persona. With his inquisitive mind and thirst for noble pursuits, Indy is known for his talent to escape dangers just in the nick of time.

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