brand highlight
2022 - edition 1
26 Jan. 2022


Source - Hodinkee

After the success of last year's Q Timex HODINKEE Limited Edition, Hodinkee knew it wouldn't be long before we teamed up again with the Connecticut-based watchmaker; in fact, they worked to bring you an all-new model you won’t see anywhere else in Timex’s collection. Meet the Timex Waterbury HODINKEE Limited Edition.

This time around, Hodinkee knew they wanted to create an automatic watch. Quartz is cool, but there's nothing quite like a self-winding tool watch to keep you company all hours of the day. It's a 40mm diver-style tool watch in stainless steel, with an automatic Japanese movement, and a textured "3-6-9" black dial with printed hour markers, a fresh new set of hands, no date, and a bright red seconds hand. Hodinkee even signed their name in black above six o'clock – to give it that final HODINKEE touch.


No one ever said watches had to be serious all the time. So why should they be? These wonderful little mechanical objects are an anachronistic tool we can't seem to shake. Electronic screens are everywhere, and our mechanical watches are an escape from all that. So with the Timex Waterbury HODINKEE Limited Edition, they wanted to bring the fun back to the classic tool-watch aesthetic. And for $279 a pop, they nailed it.