brand highlight
2022 - edition 1
1 Mar. 2023

OMEGA recently reopened its boutiques at Dubai Mall & Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. The new boutiques mark another significant milestone in OMEGA’s enduring quest to create an immersive customer experience for watch connoisseurs in two cities. 

Featuring contemporary yet sophisticated visuals in gold-framed surroundings, the new boutiques are characterised by a refined design, with an exquisite use of materials such as leather and wood, as well as many golden details. Throughout the stores, warm lighting creates a cosy atmosphere, while also highlighting the exquisite collection of OMEGA watches, where customers are welcomed inside to explore the brand’s full collection including accessories.

As a unique offering, the new boutiques also offer on-site watch technicians, who can provide efficient servicing for customers. Together with a team of professionally trained sales staff, the boutiques provide an elegant and comfortable shopping experience for watch aficionados. And to include an extra incentive, an exclusive bar and lounge inside the boutique provides the perfect place for staff to connect with their valued customers.

Visit OMEGA, Dubai Mall & Yas Mall.