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2022 - edition 1
26 Jan. 2022


Source: Esquire 

inxt Lenses can help ease eye stress significantly, even if you can't cut down on device hours.

Be honest with yourself—how many hours a day do you spend looking at a screen?

No matter how many apps we invent to try to manage or lessen our exposure, try as we might, it’s still getting worse and worse. On average—just average—men are spending 11 hours a day looking at a screen, whether that’s a computer, phone, tablet, TV or some other type of electronic device. Nine in 10 men also are spending more than six hours sitting at an office desk per day, almost always in front of a screen.

While all this screen time is unavoidable in many cases, there is a way to reduce some of that stress. Since the main strain is on your eyes, the right lenses can help take some of that pressure off and make getting through the day easier.

inxt Office & Anti IStress Lenses are made to help reduce the stress and strain caused by constant use of smartphones, laptops and other digital devices. They also help to avoid stress from prolonged reading and screen-based working tasks for professionals like yourself.

The lenses can be used not just for the workplace, they can also help when watching TV, reading, as well as time on the phone or tablet on the go—making them right for working executives, entrepreneurs, media professionals and more.

Anyone with a lot of unavoidable screen time can see some benefit from the right lenses, which can also be customized for individual needs and style requirements. Whatever eyewear works for you, so can the lenses, allowing these new generational digital lenses to protect your eyes in style.



In addition, inxt SPORT Lenses can also turn any sunglasses into prescription sunglasses, helping protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that exist outdoors as well as reduce glare that improves visibility, eases discomfort, annoyance and even pain.

They’re good for cycling, working out, hiking, dune bashing off in the UAE deserts or across the gulf, as well as BBQs and adventure sports, fitness and jogging.

They also come with a high base curve, allowing them to easily fit into any pair of sunglasses and blend contemporary fashion with clear vision and protection, and can be tinted, mirrored and polarized.

Make a bold statement and protect your eyes with the inxt Sports Lenses as well.

Experience better vision anytime, anywhere with Rivoli EyeZone’s inxt Anti I-Stress, inxt Office and inxt Sports lenses.

inxt New Generation Digital Lenses are available exclusively at all Rivoli EyeZone and Style 88 stores across the UAE and other GCC markets including Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

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